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I tried
PrivateHolland ( /v\)

Media: Biro, pencil

Kata Rose belongs to PrivateHolland ;v;
L-Tine :w00t: I hope you find this worth your time! Sorry for taking longer than expected to fill this out. ;~;

The most embarrassing thing you did in public?
I used to moon a lot when I was a teenager [except I didn't see it as embarrassing then]. :moon: If that's not embarrassing enough, here's something more recent - I once did a presentation on noble gas compounds, and, at the end, I decided it would be fun to inhale some helium, to round it all off on a funny note. Trouble is, I started laughing, and then I started hiccuping, which made me laugh even more.. While my microphone was still on and the presentation was being recorded by my teacher. bunneh icon15 

2. The most embarrassing thing a family member or friend did in public?
My friend Dieter and I once held a Ouija seance on a construction site. It was very absorbing, so it took until early sunrise. The workers started coming in, and we were about to leave. Dieter wanted to use the porta-potty; however, because he was so tired, he forgot he had locked the door, and tried to force it open. This resulted in the potty flipping over. :shithappens: He didn't want to come out. When I pushed him into the river on the way home, he actually got pissed at me. Laughing Coco 

3. The dumbest thing you ever did for money?
Gave someone a tooth filling with their own shit. I got paid about as much as a decent dentist, hehe.

4. The dumbest thing you dared someone to do for money?
Put two beakers with transparent liquids in front of someone from class - one with water, the other with 18% ethanoic acid [vinegar] - blindfolded them, put a nose clip on them, and dared them to pick a beaker and drink its contents. They picked the acid.
Their grimaces were worth every penny of my £10.

5. The most awkward date you've had?
It wasn't exactly a date in the generally accepted use of the word, since it took place at my residence, and it was in no way romantic. I invited my special other for lunch [I cooked] back when we were just frenemies, hehe. When she asked me for something to drink, I told her I'd be back in a minute, took a large measuring cup and disappeared [to my room]. Everything was prepared beforehand: I had soaked some dried pineapple rings in boiling water, and the resulting liquid was a dark yellow colour. I poured it into the cup, diluted it a bit to make it look like urine, and triumphantly put it on the dining table. "Ah. Tastes awesome! You should totally try this."
The look on her face was priceless. She fainted. :faint: Oh well, more food for me. Diva Pose 

6. Biggest catastrophe you nearly caused?
Wanted to do a laxative prank on my University classmates. I brought a cake into class for my birthday once, and all pieces but one were injected with laxative; the one pristine piece was intended for my professor. I prayed to my deity Dirac, that he'd pick the piece with the blue flag - and, after hesitating for a long 30 seconds, he did. Phew! 

7. Biggest catastrophe you did cause?
Made elephant toothpaste (with a bonus: different colours, because why the heck not) in all the University toilets. I regret nothing.Divaplz 

8. Dumbest thing a pet ever did?
My black tarantula likes to have staring contests with me. :stare:

9. Dumbest thing ye' ever done in an automobile?
I was parked outside my fiancee's parents' residence; it was the day, when we were supposed to meet. She took my glasses away, I tried to get them back, and, due to my poor eyesight, tripped on the car floor mat and ended up falling on her, resulting in a fairly suggestive position. The next moment, her father walked out of the door. Stare Sweat Emote "It's not what it looks like, trust me!"

10. The most ridiculous reasoning you've used in an argument?
"Don't question me, human."

11. What's that dumb song you like that everyone else hates?
I cannot think of anything to match these criteria.

12. What's that popular song you hate, but everyone else seems to love?
Anything they play on the radio, hehe.

13. Yo' deepest fear, what is it?
Knowing, that I will be a parent one day. I'd rather remove my own gallbladder with an oyster fork and eat it raw with sulphuric acid on top. :staranoid: 

14. What's your favorite tacky piece of clothes you own?
I do not own such clothing.

15. Dumbest joke you've ever told?
A Polish airplane crashed, because an engineer was taught that, for stability, all Poles have to be in the left half plane.

Mark an (X) to all that apply.

16. () You've needlessly dragged on an argument even though you've been proved wrong several times. [Dragged on an argument to make the other person feel bad about themselves, but have never been proven wrong.]
17. (0.2) You're obnoxiously loud sometimes. [1 of my 5 alters is rowdy and uncontrollable.]
18. () You don't seem to have the ability to shut up.
19. () You have a VERY irrational fear. [All my fears have a reason.]
20. (0.5) You're a klutz. [I am clumsy, but that is due to the damage to my vestibular apparatus, caused by my adoptive father through physical abuse.]
21. (X) Your family loves you anyway despite your flaws. [Family..? Oh, right - my fiancee does, yes. I have no family besides her.]

Tagging: Totoro-Draws =P
Title says it all. I've had it.

RegalZeagle Thank you for the tag! ;v; I hope you find this somewhat entertaining. :w00t:

1. Are you a leader, or a follower?
A leader, hehehe. Getting me to follow is like making God genuflect to Satan.

2. Worst movie you've ever seen?
I do not watch enough movies to be able to justifiably compare betwixt them.

3. If you're a student, what is your dream career?
Not a student. ;v;

4. When you meet someone, what is the thing about them that you are most likely to notice first?
They're grammer. :iconfrageplz: [I did that on purpose] And their manners, of course.

5. Are you an introvert, ambivert, or extrovert?
That would be highly dependent on the alter ego you catch me in, hehe. Three are extroverts, one is introverted and one is an ambivert.

6. Are you an optimist, realist, or pessimist?
Idem - three alters are pessimists, one is an optimist, and one is a realist.

7. Would you punch me in the nose for $20?
You - never. But there are other people I'd gladly beat until they're black and blue.. For a whopping $0.00. :iconikilleditplz:

8. Do you think your country is better than other countries? If so, explain.
I do not consider myself to have any ties to any specific country, since I travel a lot.

9. Tell me a good joke.
My life. Ahahahaha..

10. If you had to be stuck in one age for the rest of eternity, how old would you want to be?
21. I had a bit more control over my inner demons back then.

11. Do you accept constructive criticism easily?

I do believe myself to be open to criticism, if and only if it is constructive, and in no way ill-intended.

12. Are you organised or messy?
Organised in life, but my head is a mess.

13. Have you ever taken an IQ test?
Yes. I shall not tell you my score, though. [No, I am not talking about those shitty tests you can do on the Internet.]

14. Do you consider yourself to be a good person?
Not really.

15. If I were to give you the one thing you've always wanted, how would you react?
What if there is nothing that I desire?

16. Would you rather have immense physical strength or strength of character?
Strength of character. I am sure I have more than enough physical strength, hehe.

17. Would you rather know everything there is to know and be completely alone, or know nothing and be liked by everyone?
The former - I'd rather live a life of enlightened solitude.

18. Lions or Tigers?

19. How is your life going right now? Where do you want it to be in 5 years?
Not dead, preferably. Otherwise, it is going well. :)

20. And lastly, are these questions utterly atrocious?
Most certainly not. Please, do not doubt yourself! ;v;


Grant A.
Sane.. Insane.. What be the difference? Mine alter egos span all options.

Disclaimer: I am not that cute in real life. XD

Warning: Shouldst thou be on my page for the first time, prithee only "Watch" me, if thou cherishest my work, not for pageviews, and only to "Unwatch" me a little later. As a corollary thereof, I also do not return "Watches", unless I so desiderate. I thank thee for thine understanding!

Additionally, I desiderate to bring to thine attention the fact, that critiques on my work are a privilege reserved strictly for watchers and friends only.
I have had to deal with odious and toxic comments of vindictive loathing on mine artwork in the past, and the aforementioned is but a preventive measure. Disobedience will result in thy comment being hidden.

Grant / 23 / 6'4" / Taken / INTJ. :plotting:
Full-time quintilingual Grammar Nazi and quotidian party pooper. ;)
Every time thou callest me a "pedantic snob", thou acquiescest to thine inferiority.

Greetings, greetings, o honourable citizen of this macrocosm. :bow:
Allow me to introduce myself to thee.

Since the nychthemeron of my genesis, on the 10th of January two decades in the past, the name Grant was bestowed upon me. At present time, 2017 Anno Domini, mine age amounts to 23 Earth years - a mere 1.94 Jovian anni, come to think of it!

Mine interests lie in the field of Particle Physics, and any challenges, whether in the scientific field or in the span of humanities, are always welcome. My very scant passions include Marie, studying, perfection and order. Lethargy, inexactitude and procrastination are the three key factors I shall not tolerate under any circumstances.

Shouldst thou wish to communicate with me, without prior acquaintance, please do take the time to write in proper English and use correct grammar, unless thou art unable to do so with justifiable causes. Courtesy is vital.

As a proud possessor of a dry sense of humour, I kindly advise thee to abstain from making inappropriate comments, as they shall be effaced. (I issue my sole exception to my friend since infancy, Dieter, DeetsR. Forgive the man for his recalcitrance and perversity; I apologise on his behalf.)

Shouldst thou disaccord with any of my principles or ideologies, aim not to alter them, and depart this locus at once.

Enjoy thy stay here, comrade, and may peace illumine thy path.

I thank thee. :bow:

Postscriptum: I am not imploring thee for lenience, albeit please do consider thyself informed of the fact, that I am Aspergic. Furthermore, as an individual, who is afflicted with MPD, I have my ups and downs, depending on the alter ego presently manifested. Mine utterances, if of a purportedly maledicent nature, are asseverated beyond my control; I mean not to harm thee. Consider thyself forewarned, o kind visitor.


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