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Random meem
Stolen from: nhyku
Dear kitty2katniss and FermionGrant  ,  
I don't really know how to tell you this, but our socks don't match. I think I realized it when you put cuffs on me, as you were eating kraft dinner and I saw you sit on my salt-beef bucket. I'm sure you're ashamed enough to understand that your driving sucks. I'm returning our matching snoopy underwear to you, but I'll keep your collection of butterflies as a memory. You should also know that I get sick when I think of your feet and I love oprah.
Go milk a cow,
Totoro =)
How to do this:
Dear (choose a random person) ,                             
I don't really know how to tell you this, but (1). I think I realized it when (2) (3) and I saw you (4) (5). I'm sure you're (6) enough to understand (7). I'm returning (8) to you, but I'll keep (9) as a memory. You should also know that I (10) and (11).
(Your name)
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To everyone, who is waiting for a reply from me:
Thank you for your patience! ;v; I apologise for making you wait all this time. I am not ignoring you, don't worry (I never would) - I am currently on Easter vacation, and shall write back once I am available. :)
Wrote my first critique on a completely random piece, let's see how this goes XD
All right, so.. I am not a pony expert, nor am I knowledgeable in digital art (as you may be able to tell by my gallery), but there are a couple of things I would like to point out from experience.
Judging by the ponies and horses I've seen in real life, that is not how hooves work; they are supposed to cover the surface of the extremity in contact with the ground.
Next, the anatomy appears inconsistent. Now, I know you are proud of this drawing, and it is definitely part of your path towards improvement, but the leg proportions appear off.
A further tip I could give you is to perhaps tone down the saturation of the colours a little bit, since they are too bright (especially the hair) and, well.. do not look very good, to put it nicely. Also, I don't know if this is intended, but you should perhaps try doing a smoother gradient between the aqua and pink colours on the hair, rather than using the smudge tool to blend one into the other. It would look much more natural.
Ultimately, I wish to recommend to you to use a slightly darker line colour in some areas, since the shading is darker than the lines themselves. Also, don't be afraid to vary line thickness, as it can help make details look clearer (e.g. the muzzle). Try taking into consideration the shape and texture of things more, and, as mentioned previously, try avoiding the use of overly bright colours. :)
I hope that this helped in some way, and I apologise if it sounds too harsh; this is my first critique ever, and I am only trying to help.
Cheers, and good luck in the contest! :)
Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Axel Epheli, one of my OCs who did not have a design (at all) until today! ;//v//;''
I hope you like it, I tried! :squee:

Media: Biro, pencil

(dies from detail hell)


Grant A.
Sane.. Insane.. What be the difference? Mine alter egos span all options.

Disclaimer: I am not that cute in real life. XD

Warning: Shouldst thou be on my page for the first time, prithee only "Watch" me, if thou cherishest my work, not for pageviews, and only to "Unwatch" me a little later. As a corollary thereof, I also do not return "Watches", unless I so desiderate. I thank thee for thine understanding!

Additionally, I desiderate to bring to thine attention the fact, that critiques on my work are a privilege reserved strictly for watchers and friends only.
I have had to deal with odious and toxic comments of vindictive loathing on mine artwork in the past, and the aforementioned is but a preventive measure. Disobedience will result in thy comment being hidden.

Grant / 23 / 6'3" / Taken / INTJ. :plotting:
Full-time quintilingual Grammar Nazi and quotidian party pooper. ;)
Every time thou callest me a "pedantic snob", thou acquiescest to thine inferiority.

Greetings, greetings, o honourable citizen of this macrocosm. :bow:
Allow me to introduce myself to thee.

Since the nychthemeron of my genesis, on the 10th of January two decades in the past, the name Grant was bestowed upon me. At present time, 2017 Anno Domini, mine age amounts to 23 Earth years - a mere 1.94 Jovian anni, come to think of it!

Mine interests lie in the field of Particle Physics, and any challenges, whether in the scientific field or in the span of humanities, are always welcome. My very scant passions include Marie, studying, perfection and order. Lethargy, inexactitude and procrastination are the three key factors I shall not tolerate under any circumstances.

Shouldst thou wish to communicate with me, without prior acquaintance, please do take the time to write in proper English and use correct grammar, unless thou art unable to do so with justifiable causes. Courtesy is vital.

As a proud possessor of a dry sense of humour, I kindly advise thee to abstain from making inappropriate comments, as they shall be effaced. (I issue my sole exception to my friend since infancy, Dieter, A1909. Forgive the man for his recalcitrance and perversity; I apologise on his behalf.)

Shouldst thou disaccord with any of my principles or ideologies, aim not to alter them, and depart this locus at once.

Enjoy thy stay here, comrade, and may peace illumine thy path.

I thank thee. :bow:

Postscriptum: As an individual, who is afflicted with MPD, I have my ups and downs. Mine utterances, if of a purportedly maledicent nature, are asseverated beyond my control; I mean not to harm thee. Consider thyself forewarned, o kind visitor.


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I highly appreciate every contribution! Have a wonderful day! :)

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I thank thee.

Totality Ephemeris (OC Universe) progress:

Slowly getting there..

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